Monday, May 4, 2015

A couple weeks in April and a Spring Video.

Spring paddling was pretty good this year.  The northeast had a slow melt so the rivers were at medium levels for a couple weeks.  I was able to get some good paddling in so I was pretty pleased.  I also competed in the Jamie McEwan Whitewater Triple Crown a couple weeks ago and took 2nd place.  Jessie Stone took 1st and Katelyn Green came in 3rd place.  It was another awesome time!  My brother Mark and Jeff also competed so that always makes it more fun! Check out this blog post that Katelyn posted up about the event
I'm currently in NY paddling on the Black getting ready for some events in CO.  I'm doing some SUP races, downriver, and freestyle.  I haven't been on "tour" since 2012 so it will be fun.  The RV, Brook, and Laya are ready to go!  We will be leaving on May 17th after the Adirondack Paddle Fest in Old Forge, NY.  

Wave O Saurus in MA

Tricks at the Wave O Saurus in MA.
Photo:Steve Silk

WB Deerfield action in VT
Freestyle during the Jamie McEwan Whitewater Triple Crown.
Photo: Jake Gosnell

Downriver Race during the Jamie McEwan Whitewater Triple Crown.
Photo:Steve Silk
Slalom during the Jamie McEwan Whitewater Triple Crown.
Photo:Jim Sullivan
Katelyn getting a loop during the Freestyle event.
Photo:Steve Silk

Judging during the event.
Photo:Jake Gosnell

Here's a video I put together from a couple weeks in April. Paddling in New England and NY.

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